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Welcome to Dr. Kessler's virtual dispensary.

Please use this tab to purchase supplements for yourself, your family, and any friends, whether they have been my patient or not.


Wellevate represents over 350 great companies with many incredible products ranging from nutritional supplements, botanicals, beauty and hygiene, homeopathics and even pet products. We will offer various exciting discounts and free shipping opportunities for larger orders through this dispensary.
Please register for Wellevate HERE.

You should also request a Fullscript invitation from me by clicking HERE
to receive access to additional companies and products.


These two companies are in the process of merging under the Fullscript name. Until this merger is complete, please register on both Wellevate and Fullscript, as each site offers different supplements.  If you have already registered for Wellevate, your account will automatically be available on Fullscript after the merger. 

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