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Thank you for the opportunity to assist in your medical care. I value every one of my patients and deeply appreciate the trust you place in me. It is my pleasure to help you in every way I can as we look forward to many years together.

Please make sure that we can easily reach you. Keep us informed regarding any changes of address, phone, email and insurance.


To make an appointment or contact Dr. Kessler, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

When requesting an appointment please let us know the degree of urgency as well as the nature of your problem. Please state whether you would like to schedule a phone or virtual appointment.


New Members : The Process 

The first step for a potential new member is to schedule an initial consultation with me. Please email over a brief summary of your medical issue along with a reasonable amount of documentation at least 48 hours before your appointment so that I may prepare for the appointment. If, after our initial consultation, we both decide to move forward together, you will have the opportunity to join my private advocacy and support panel. Your final step is to pay your yearly panel fee and then you will officially become a member.


As a member I will follow and assist you in your continued wellness journey. Patients who take advantage of this opportunity will receive my personal support in choosing medications, navigating second opinions, medical practitioner research, test result interpretation, supplement plan design, making medical decisions, coordinating care  and general patient advocacy. You will be given direct access to me so we can work together to maintain your well-being. You will also have full access to our website which will allow you to request appointments and shop from my dispensary on Wellevate and Fullscript with membership perks like free shipping and discounts on your supplement orders and more.


I will work with your primary care doctor to continue to scaffold your wellness journey.

If you have Medicare as your insurance you will have to sign a private contract acknowledging that you understand that Dr. Kessler has opted out of Medicare and that you will be unable to submit an insurance claim for Dr. Kessler's appointments.

The private contract can be found here.


Thank you for reaching out to me and I look forward to our meeting!


Insurance, Billing, Pricing

We believe that proper medical care begins with a thorough and respectful understanding of patients as individuals. To best accomplish this, we do not participate in any managed care plans, accept any insurance as payment for visits and have opted out of Medicare. 
This policy allows Dr. Kessler to spend the appropriate amount of time cultivating strong, personalized relationships with his  patients.

We will provide our patients with their full receipts so that they may submit them to their insurance companies for reimbursement if their plans allow for it. 

Please be reminded that Dr. Kessler has opted out of Medicare. This means that you can not submit your bill for Dr. Kessler’s fee for reimbursement to Medicare or your supplemental carrier. You can submit to Medicare and your supplemental for lab work, x-rays, and other things not provided directly by Dr. Kessler. For many insurance plans we would be considered an out of network provider. PPO and indemnity plans may cover our services, but you will likely be subject to copays and deductibles. We cannot be responsible for the rules and regulations that the insurance company you have chosen to have a relationship with imposes on you.

It is our policy that we expect payment in full at the time of your visit

and that there is no for ability for billing to be done.

2024   P R I C I N G

Initial Consultation with Dr. Kessler: $1000
Yearly Panel Cost: $5000 (non-refundable)

Besides your annual membership fee, an hourly cost is billed for virtual visits, general communication, research and any other projects you ask of me. We are also happy to offer discounted family memberships.


Additional family members who join the panel will receive a 20% discount on their annual fee.

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