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Patient Advocate and Support

A Holistic and Integrative Approach to Healthcare

My Philosophy

George J. Kessler, D.O.,P.C., is dedicated to providing patients with a compassionate and skilled Integrative and complementary approach to their healthcare. He does this in an environment that encourages a strong patient-physician relationship. As your team member, I will help address your particular health concerns. I will be your advocate, and support person throughout your health journey. 


  The essence of medical care must be to promote health, rather than solely to treat illness. A famous quote that I aspire to and paraphrase here is “that any physician can find disease but only great doctors can find health”. I will help you explore and balance your lifestyle, and biochemistry in your quest to maximize and achieve wellness. 


As your advocate, I will help you to gather the information you need to optimize the care provided to you by your medical team.


Let us partner together!

Sat on the Rocks

Functional Medicine is an inquisitive and intelligent analysis that seeks to answer the question “Why?” Why am I not feeling well? Why have I developed these problems?


It is superficial to treat an ailment with a medication that just soothes symptoms. The more thorough evaluation searches for the root cause of those symptoms to resolve them and the health problems they represent, rather than just cover them up. Analyzing the state of healthcare a past president of the AMA posed a question. He asked if you sat on a tack should we give you pain medication or should we remove the tack. 


You can call this process Analytical Medicine, or Precision Medicine, or Functional Medicine. Or just call it as it is - Great Medicine!

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