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Welcome to Dr. Kessler’s virtual dispensary.
To purchase supplements for yourself, your family and any friends, whether they have been my patient or not, can purchase supplements through our distributor.
 Wellevate represents over 350 great companies with many incredible products ranging from nutritional supplements, botanicals, beauty and hygiene, homeopathics and even pet products. We will offer various exciting discounts and free shipping opportunities for larger orders through this dispensary.
Please register at
You can also so request an invitation from me at or to register for a Fullscript account, giving access to additional companies and products.

In late 2022 these two companies will merge under the Fullscript name. If you have already registered for Wellevate, your account will automatically be merged with Fullscript after the merger. If you have not registered with Wellevate, please do so and also request an invitation from me to join Fullscripts.

I wish you and yours continued good health.

Thank you,
Dr. George Kessler 

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